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SunLync® Finds the Sun and Brings it Inside to You.

SunLync is an autonomous wireless device that pairs with your Healthe® smart lights providing you with the proper engineered circadian spectra automatically.   Users can benefit throughout the day from pre-programmed circadian lighting with Healthe’s dynamic spectrum, wireless solutions all with the touch of a button.

You see, being healthy is easy.


  • SunLync is a master control device that autonomously synchronizes Healthe wireless-enabled lighting to the sun’s cycle.
  • A GPS locator identifies local time and continuously broadcasts a system-wide mesh command to all Healthe wireless lights within range. Lights respond by generating the appropriate spectrum and intensity based on a pre-configured SunShow®, providing the right light at the right time.
  • A SunShow consists of five light settings that adjust throughout the day: Sunrise, Daytime, Sunset, Evening and Night. SunLync's continuous time signal generation allows for a subtle transition between light settings so that visual comfort is not compromised.
  • A backup battery retains settings during power outages or relocation.
  • SunLync communicates with Healthe wireless products, including the SunTrac® Downlights and Troffers — no wi-fi required.
  • SunLync can be purchased as part of the SUNTRAC/SUNLYNC AUTOMATION BUNDLES by clicking HERE.
SunLync® | Wireless Control Device Spec Sheet

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