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480® | LATTICE

Architectural Recessed Linear | Circadian LED

Our GoodDay® light source provides an energy boost for occupants, and your design creativity with 480 Lattice will inspire them. Luminous laths of varying widths and lengths simply insert over t-bar structure. Select the appropriate optics (symmetric or asymmetric) for the application to guide the uniform, edge-lit source. Being healthy is inspiring and surprisingly, easy.


  • Sunlight-inspired, patented engineered-spectrum technology to promote the natural wake-sleep cycle
  • High performance optical system that produces unmatched, uniform illumination and reduced glare from an edge-lit source
  • Intensity control via 0-10V inputs for simple integration with a building's control system.
  • 2ft and 4ft recessed luminaires drop over t-grid supports for easy installation
  • 3in, 4.5 in and 6 in light aperture widths scale to meet the aesthetic of any space, including offices, classrooms, and healthcare facilities
480®  |  LATTICE Specification Sheet
480®  |  LATTICE IES Files (480TLC-30S-SY-4-50)

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