Why Healthe Content 1

  1. Healthy Lighting. Traditional lighting has been proven to cause serious health issues because it falls short of providing the true, natural light exposure that our bodies need to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. Healthe lighting was specifically developed as a natural health solution to combat the negative impacts of insufficient lighting by providing safe, phase-appropriate light at the right time.
  2. Patented Technology. Healthe’s innovative patented engineered spectrum provides True Circadian™ lighting that is clean, high quality and geared specifically toward health.
  3. Rooted in Science. Our lighting is designed to provide the right light for the right time and space, based on scientific research that demonstrates that our body’s peak sensitivity is at 480 nanometers, the specific wavelength proven to drive the sleep/wake cycle and trigger significant bodily responses related to health.
  4. High-Quality Light: Healthe focuses on high quality light, both visually and biologically. Our products have high CRI and R9 values and accommodate CCT preferences, while meeting scientifically accepted values for biological impact.
  5. This is NOT Color Tuning. Our products are characterized by M/P ratio, not CCT. While competitors may claim to have biological lighting, it isn’t True Circadian™ lighting if they are using color (CCT), a visual metric, as an indicator of biological impact. Healthe’s products are guided by melanopic/photopic ratio- a scientifically accepted metric of the biological impact of a light source. All our products maintain this commitment to ensure you are receiving the healthiest lighting possible when you use our products.
  6. Simple, Easy to Use Form Factors. With product lines containing most common form factors, such as LED A19 lamps, bedside lights, downlights and a travel lamp, it’s never been simpler or more convenient to get better health in your home. Commercial fixtures, such as troffers and panel lights, make new construction and retrofits easy.
  7. Safe. Sustainable. Energy-Efficient. Healthe’s LED lighting, which is sustainable and safer than common traditional options, are energy-efficient, have longer lifespans than traditional lighting and are mercury-free. And because they use significantly less energy than traditional lighting, overall, their mercury footprint, including emissions, is far lower.
  8. WELL, LEED, ASHRAE, USAI, fitwel. Whatever building standard you are striving towards, Healthe’s True Circadian™ lighting is available in a variety of consumer and commercial product lines that can help you reach your goal.