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SunTrac A19

Using SunTrac A19 couldn’t be simpler. Just replace any traditional light bulb with the SunTrac A19 bulb. Use the GoodDay biological spectrum setting in the morning to wake up and energize, or throughout the day when you need a boost. Switch the setting over to GoodNight biological spectrum about 2 hours before bedtime to reduce your exposure to stimulating circadian blue wavelengths and help your body prepare for a good night’s rest. Using the SunTrac A19 on a regular schedule can help you achieve a healthy circadian rhythm, with restful nights and energetic days, promoting health and overall well-being. Automate your lighting, for the healthiest and easiest approach, by using SunLync.

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Our patented SunTrac® LED Downlight provides the flexibility to have the proper, healthy light at any time of day. Designed using Healthe’s patented GoodDay® and GoodNight® spectrum technologies, the downlight allows you to easily change from the warm, sleep-enhancing spectrum of GoodNight to the alertness and focus-enhancing spectrum of GoodDay. As part of the SunTrac Ecosystem, the downlight synchronizes with the sun to bring you the right light at the right time, automatically, simply by adding a SunLync® Wireless Automation Device. This versatile downlight can help you to easily bring energy-efficient, circadian lighting in any area of your home, office or commercial installation.

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The SunTrac ecosystem is built around SunLync, a GPS locator that broadcasts information to your bulbs to synchronize your lighting with the sun, creating an automated SunShow®. Although it is possible to use SunTrac products without SunLync, it really is the hub of the ecosystem and gives users the healthiest, most convenient lighting possible, with the highest level of simplicity. We recommend using your products with SunLync and, if desired, adding wireless switches or using the Healthe SunTrac App for easy manual control if you wish to deviate from the automated SunShow.

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Healthe App

The Healthe SunTrac App is a convenient way to remotely control your fixtures and offers users the ability to change intensity or spectral output, even beyond presets. It also is an easy way to pair your fixtures to other controls, such as the wireless switches, and group lights to synchronize light output across fixtures. The App is a great supplement to SunLync and can be used to customize your SunShow.

App available for iOS. Android version coming soon.

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SunTrac Wireless Switches

SunTrac products can be used with standard wall switches, making them an easy addition to any home, office or commercial space. However, Healthe’s wireless switches enable dimming and spectral selection and offer a range of spectral outputs not available via standard wall switches. These wireless versions of a familiar form factor are easy to use and can be mounted or mobile. Simple to pair alone or via the app.

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SunTrac Automation Bundles

Our full spectrum SunTrac A19 was designed with the intent to be used as an automated light source for wellbeing and circadian health. So we’ve put together bundles for easy access to exactly what you need to automate your lighting on a schedule that works for you. We recommend using the Healthe SunTrac App for easy set up and the additional feature of altering your SunShow to give you the right light at the right time, on your schedule. Our bundles come with one SunLync and either (2), (4), or (8) bulbs.

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*This product practices one or more claims of the following U.S. patents: 8,674,608