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Why SunTrac

SunTrac® luminaires feature proprietary, engineered spectrum technology developed to add and remove the 480 nanometer wavelength of light to achieve optimal biological benefits. 480nm is the key wavelength of light that impacts your circadian rhythm, whether it’s present to boost alertness or absent to signal it’s time to prepare for sleep.

As a packaged lighting and control solution, SunTrac provides the ultimate in flexibility to create different zones and schedules within a facility, all configured through a tablet app. For example, in a senior living facility, the awake and alert GoodDay spectrum can be timed to jumpstart the early morning kitchen staff and delayed for resident rooms and common areas. Our goal is to promote healthy sleep-wake cycles to foster healthy people and SunTrac allows that those cycles may vary for different people and environments.

While the flexibility in customization is high, the wireless protocol simplifies commissioning for new construction or retrofit projects.

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