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Healthe offers UV air and surface and circadian lighting solutions can deliver an added layer of protection needed at the senior living, skilled nursing, transitional and memory care communities.  Healthe’s Cleanse® UV sanitization solutions utilize the germicidal property of ultraviolet (UV) to inactivate harmful germs and pathogens from air and surfaces.   Integrating the Cleanse products, in addition to standard cleaning protocols, provides additional protection as it works in the background to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria.  On-site UV sanitization stations offer the capability to sanitize PPE and commonly used medical instruments, providing additional piece of mine to healthcare employees.  Senior living facilities can also greatly benefit from Healthe’s circadian lighting solutions to achieve reduced operating cost through energy savings while promoting good circadian health.  Healthe’s patented sunlight-inspired SunTrac® system provides the right light at the right time supporting the natural sleep-wake cycle, circadian rhythm and can help improve quality of sleep and overall wellness for both residents and staff.