Senior Living Content Section 2

Biological LEDs help:

  • Improve overall quality and length of sleep
  • Regulate healthy sleep-wake cycles
  • Effectively alleviate the symptoms of Sundowners Syndrome with memory impaired residents
  • Alleviate SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • Improve safety- less accidents and falls during the night
  • Reduce anxiety and behavioral issues
  • Support mental alertness and focus for staff
  • Improve wellbeing and mental performance and memory of residents

Senior Living Facilities can greatly benefit from Healthe’s biological LED lighting, achieving both reduced operating costs through energy savings as well as improved conditions for residents. Higher intensity blue-enriched GoodDay® light in common areas slows cognitive decline, improves sleep and reduces depression. The warmer, comforting blue-reduced lighting of the GoodNight® spectrum in bedrooms helps residents fall asleep more quickly and regulate their melatonin production to achieve more restful nights naturally and without negative side effects that may be experienced using other sleep aids.