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Corporate workspaces often lack adequate lighting. Even when lighting design supports visual acuity, if occupant wellbeing isn’t considered, corporations can be missing a significant opportunity to support their greatest investment: personnel.

Jones Lang LaSalle, a global professional service company, presents a simple formula that reveals how money is spent in commercial facilities. It’s the 3-30-300 rule, and it states that for every square foot, $3 is spent on utilities, $30 is spent on rent and $300 is spent on personnel- an often-overlooked asset in space renovation and design. But your greatest investment can also create a higher return (increased employee productivity), just by changing the lighting.

With cyan-enriched True Circadian™ lighting, office spaces can boost alertness, performance and productivity of occupants, while reducing costly errors. Circadian lighting has also been shown to improve mood and keep your circadian rhythm regulated and balanced, resulting in happier, more productive and well-rested employees. Healthy, happy employees are easier to retain, too.

How’s that for ROI?