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Healthe’s Cleanse® air and surface sanitization solutions work in the background to add an extra layer of protection to air and surfaces in addition to standard cleaning processes.  Cleanse employs ultraviolet (UV) in a chemical-free process to inactivate harmful pathogens and prevent the spread of unwanted illness and disease.  Simply integrate suitable Cleanse product in a variety of common, high-turnover and high contact areas, such as guest rooms, lobbies, and other common areas to protect guests and hotel employees from the spread of germs and bacteria.  Additionally, Healthe’s sunlight-inspired SunTrac® circadian lighting system can also be deployed in hotel rooms to help promote guests’ natural sleep-wake cycle and improve circadian rhythm function, which is shown to help travelers overcome fatigue and jetlag due to travel and time zone shifts.  Combining the Cleanse and Suntrac product portfolios can help to make a positive impact to the overall health and wellness of guests and staff members alike.