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Lighting has always been used for ambiance and mood setting. However, lighting can now be used in even more novel ways. One way that the hospitality industry is beginning to create the perfect getaway for their guests is to utilize biological LED lighting. LEDs can support a healthy circadian rhythm, offering guests the unique ability to biologically tune their lighting to sway their circadian clock and achieve a smoother recovery from travel. And, they are energy-efficient and demonstrate efforts towards sustainability, which is of growing interest for a broad range of travelers.

Biological LED lighting:

  • Decreases fatigue due to travel and time zone shifting
  • Improves alertness and mood, creating higher levels of satisfaction
  • Eases adjustment to new time zones
  • Demonstrates a facility’s attention to detail and concern for guests’ overall wellness and experience
  • Offers guests control over light exposure that suits their personal needs from travel

Healthe’s biological lighting supports circadian rhythm regulation, which is a significant factor in a traveler’s experience when shifting time zones or travelling extensively. These unique biological lighting options such as our GoodNight® spectrum, can assist travelers in falling asleep and experiencing a restful night, when it is otherwise difficult to adjust. Our GoodDay® spectrum eases guests into the day, offering them a natural means to get energized and feel rejuvenated at their new destination, and boosts their mood so they naturally feel more satisfied.