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It’s not a philosophy, it’s science.

Our circadian rhythm is a 24-hour pattern governed by an internal clock that regulates important biological functions, such as sleep, hormone levels, body temperature and metabolism. The internal clock has always relied on sunlight as a cue to regulate a healthy circadian function. With increased reliance on electrically generated lighting, available 24 hours a day, our natural circadian rhythms can be interrupted, resulting in significant health issues. Healthe is committed to developing solutions that work with your natural rhythms in indoor environments, through biological lighting.

Biological lighting, or circadian lighting, aims to combine visual comfort and acuity with the right wavelengths of light at the right time to promote a healthy circadian rhythm. 480 nanometers is the key wavelength of light that impacts your circadian rhythm, whether it’s present to boost alertness or absent to signal it’s time to prepare for sleep. Healthe has developed proprietary, engineered spectrum technology to add or remove the 480 nm wavelength of light to achieve optimal biological benefits.

It is important to note that a light’s color temperature is not a proper indication of its biological impact. Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) tuning of warm and cool LEDs only provides the perception of the transitioning sun, not a biological response. Healthe has developed and patented technologies to achieve true circadian lighting, reinforcing our commitment to human-centric solutions.

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