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A typical school classroom is home to one of the highest concentrations of young people in ever-changing and moving environments.  They change classrooms, work with friends, study and eat on surfaces that are touched often by hundreds of different people per day.  Because of this unique dynamic, schools can often be a hot bed for the spread of germs, bacteria and harmful pathogens. With the emergence of the new current environment, frequent 20-second hand washes are now a new norm and the health, wellness and safety of students and staff has become a top priority for school. 

Although schools are ramping up cleaning and sanitizing protocols, this new normal represents a significant opportunity to increase protection against the spread of unwanted illness and disease.  Not only are schools looking to keep the learning environments safe from germs and viruses, keeping teachers and students healthy and well has become paramount.  UV air and surface sanitization combined with circadian lighting solutions operating in the background to promote alertness and focus becomes an attractive option.