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Healthe's residential line features many innovative tools to keep you healthy and safe. Our patented True Circadian™ technology was designed based on nature, with you in mind and allows users to choose lighting that works with your biological rhythms, to move your body into an energized state during the day or to help you reach sleep sooner at night. Our range of lamps and bulbs offers you many choices to select the right light for your space, including our SunTrac® Ecosystem which features healthy dynamic products that can give you the right light at the right time throughout your home, automatically.

All of our consumer lighting products feature high quality and attention to detail, in terms of spectrum, intensity, color temperature, m/p ratio and CRI to bring you products that are not only feature beautiful, high-quality light, but are the healthiest choice for a better indoor environment.

Our Cleanse® product line features safe and effective UV sanitization and cleaning products that can remove up to 99.9% of harmful germs, viruses and bacteria from products and surfaces, leaving your indoor spaces cleaner and safer for you and your family.

Case Studies


Designed as an initiative by the Lake Nona Institute, along with collaborative partners like Healthe by Lighting Science, the WHIT Home is a state of the art residential home thoughtfully built using the latest in innovation and technology with every detail created to encourage a health-centric lifestyle.

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Interior designer Jessica Gersten collaborated with Healthe by Lighting Science to enhance the living space of a client on New York’s upper East side utilizing biological lighting solutions in her designs that could offer healthy light and create a sense of passive health for her clients.

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