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Healthe's consumer line pays attention to what makes up your light, understanding it is an important and prevalent environmental input that should be created with care and attention. So, we’ve created and patented technology that is intuitive, and based on nature, with you in mind. Our consumer line allows users to choose lighting that works with your biological rhythms, to move your body into an energized state in the morning and during the day or to help you reach sleep sooner at night by purposefully removing the stimulating characteristics found in light. Our range of lamps and bulbs let you choose the right light for your space, while our SunTrac® Ecosystem makes it easier than ever to get the right light at the right time, throughout your home, automatically.  All of our consumer products demonstrate acute attention to such things as spectrum, intensity, color temperature, m/p ratio and CRI, and we intentionally select the right criteria, engineer the perfect combination, and bring you, the consumer, a product that is convenient to install, beautiful to experience and the healthiest choice for you and your family.

Case Studies

Convent of the Sisters of the IHM

The Sisters of the Convent of IHM became interested in implementing lighting to enhance mental focus during the daytime daily service, to enhance sleep at night, and to create a healthier, more serene and productive space in their home. They also agreed to be part of a pilot study to evaluate and prove the impact of the lighting on sleep quality.

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