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So often our days are spent indoors, where we don’t receive enough sunlight to help our bodies feel energized or refreshed. Healthe’s engineered spectra is tuned to your biological needs and helps you to get the right light at the right time, with blue-enhanced light for increased focus in the morning and afternoon and blue-depleted light for evening so that you sleep better and feel rested and recharged.
Because each environment and user profile is different, Healthe’s commercial lighting portfolio includes a wide range of luminaire styles, lighting and control systems – from the simple pair and go system of the Good Day&Night family to the more complex distributed DC, Azul series, that integrates with a control and monitoring Building Management System (BMS). Whether your needs are simple or more complex, Healthe has a system that can provide the proper healthy light for all your commercial needs.

If you need assistance to determine which Healthe product family is right for your project, please contact us.

(Multi-Channel) Lighting to Transition with the Day

Single Channel Healthe Lighting