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Residential circadian lighting:

Select the rooms you spend time in during the day, where you want to maintain energy and alertness, such as offices or common spaces. Replace your existing bulbs with Healthe’s GoodDay bulbs, using them throughout the day for higher energy levels, better concentration, and productivity.

In the areas you use before bed, such as the bedroom or a corner reading nook, simply replace existing bulbs with GoodNight bulbs or lamps. With a relaxing soft glow, they are the best LED bedside lighting for better sleep, and make ideal bedtime reading lights.

Consider lighting for babies too. You should use the Sleepy Baby bulb or Nursery Lamp for nursery lighting, so you limit disturbances to your baby as much as possible, and support your baby’s circadian rhythm while they are growing.

In rooms you frequent both day and night, we recommend our dynamic health lights. Our SunTrac® products can be automated to give you the right light at the right time, day or night. Our SunTrac product line (link to SunTrac Ecosystem page) automates healthy lighting, giving you 480-enriched lighting during the day and 480-depleted light at night in a single fixture, for all-around simplicity, convenience and health, without a second thought.

Commercial circadian lighting:

Circadian lighting, also known as biological lighting or human-centric lighting, is ideal for workplaces, , offices, department stores, health clinics, library and classrooms, and beyond, because it offers interior spaces a light spectrum similar to sunlight, to stimulate and energize occupants. It is also ideal for 24-hour facilities, such as homes, hotels and resorts, senior living communities, and hospitals and health care facilities, because it balances that stimulating light during the day with light that allows occupants a better rest in the evenings.

Check out our Commercial lines and various projects to see if our Circadian Lighting works for you.