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AZUL™ products provide the ultimate in control and system integration flexibility. AZUL luminaires are designed as an intelligent, Class II, distributed DC system. The low voltage system can be powered from a micro-grid power supply and controlled from a centralized, programmable panel. For facilities with a comprehensive Building Management System (BMS), the open protocol system adds control and monitoring capabilities, simply. Additional benefits of a distributed DC system include reduced lighting installation costs in both labor and materials.

Beyond the benefits of LVDC power architecture, Azul products feature Healthe’s proprietary True Circadian™ spectrum technology, which was inspired by natural sunlight to promote focus and alertness throughout the day, enhancing performance and supporting the natural sleep-wake cycle. The GoodDay® engineered spectrum includes a boost at 480nm, the key wavelength of light that impacts your circadian rhythm, making it an ideal solution for any daytime intensive applications such as schools and commercial office settings.


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