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Dr. Smith Johnston

Dr. Smith Johnston, MD serves as the Medical Officer and Expert of Aerospace Preventative Medicine based at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC), Medical Director of the Aerospace and Occupational Medicine Clinics and the Lead Physician of the Wellness and Human Performance Program. Dr. Johnston works with a team of researchers and operations personnel at the JSC Mission Control Center involved in the outfitting of the International Space Station with a new lighting system that is biologically-sensitive. He is on the Associate Clinical Faculties of the Dept. Aerospace Medicine University of Texas Medical Branch and Wright State University Dept. of Community and Aerospace Medicine. Dr. Johnston is the lead of the International Space Station’s (ISS) Fatigue Management Team and in this capacity is involved in the planning and execution of activities in space that include light therapy to mitigate fatigue and maximize performance.

Dr. Steven Lockley

Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Steven Lockley, Ph.D., is faculty in the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Neuroscientist in the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He has 24 years of experience in sleep and circadian rhythm research particularly as it pertains to light, and has published more than 150 original reports, reviews, chapters and editorials on sleep and circadian rhythms. He recently co-authored "Sleep: A Very Short Introduction". Dr. Lockley continues his research with funding from NASA, NIH and others.