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Why 480 is Important

480 nanometers is the key wavelength of light that impacts your circadian rhythm, whether it’s present to boost alertness or absent to signal it’s time to prepare for sleep. The 480 brand of luminaires features proprietary, engineered spectrum technology developed to add and remove the 480nm wavelength of light to achieve optimal biological benefits.

Select either a dynamic or static light source based on the application. The dynamic light source transitions from blue-enhanced light, GoodDay®, to promote alertness and productivity during the day to a blue-depleted, GoodNight®, in the evening to reduce circadian clock disruption. Spectrum and intensity shift with the time of the day via (2) 0-10V inputs – ideal for spaces occupied 24/7, such as senior living communities, hospitals or offices with shift work. The static, GoodDay, light source is suited for applications that are more daytime intensive, such as schools and 9-5 office spaces.