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A LUMINAIRE THAT OFFERS YOU THE RIGHT LIGHT AT THE RIGHT TIME? NO, YOU’RE NOT DREAMING! Our Good Day&Night™ Troffer provides the flexibility to have the proper, healthy light at any time of day. Designed using Lighting Science’s patented GoodDay® and GoodNight® spectrum technologies, the luminaire allows you to easily change from the warm, sleep-enhancing spectrum of GoodNight to the alertness and focus-enhancing spectrum of GoodDay. This versatile troffer can bring energy-efficient, circadian lighting into any area of your facility, including, schools, hospitals and other work spaces. Using dynamic technology that was first developed in collaboration with NASA to support the circadian rhythms of astronauts on the International Space Station, the Good Day&Night LED troffer is the perfect solution to getting the healthy, circadian lighting you want in a sleek, modern design.

  • Proprietary Multi-Spectrum Technology: Engineered spectrum supports the natural wake-sleep cycle to improve general well-being.
  • Ease of Use: Can be controlled via a standard wall switch or via the approved Lighting Science Wireless Switch (LSH-SW2CH).
  • High Quality Light: Delivers superior light throughout all settings for peak visual performance and biological benefits.
  • Versatile: Lightweight and rated for damp environments.

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