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Engineered Biological Spectrum. Ultra-High Illumination Quality. Precision Spot.

The Series A+™ PAR30 Gimbal features a healthy circadian spectrum with high color quality, beam angle precision, and directional flexibility. 

The Series A+ incorporates patented, engineered spectrum technology with a crisp, white light. Occupants will feel awake and alert from the stimulating spectrum at 480nm, the wavelength found in natural daylight. The lamp generates high-quality spectral output with a minimum 90 CRI, adds vibrancy to every illuminated scene, and offers appealing contrast and vivid color. 

Healthe understands that flexibility without compromise reigns and the Series A+ delivers with three beam angles that are ideal for accent, task and wall wash applications – a spot (15°), narrow flood (25°) and flood (40°). The discreet gimbal design provides even more functionality, accomplishing precision directional control with 85° rotation at the base and 56° pivot at the lens.  A threaded lens cap enables users to add or interchange optical materials such as diffusers or films for even more creative license. The Series A+ is dimmable to 10% and compatible with most TRIAC dimmers, simplifying installation for replacing existing incandescent/halogen lamps.

  • Ultra-High Illumination Quality: Colors pop with a 90+ CRI and 50+ R9 value
  • Circadian Blue-Enriched: Proprietary engineered spectrum technology provides a circadian impact at 4000K
  • Precision Beam Angles: Reflector and refractor-based optical lens reduces glare and provides three beam options – 15° Spot, 25° Narrow Flood, 40° Flood
  • Directional Control: Gimbal design allows 85° rotation at the base and a 56° pivot of the lens
  • Lens Customization: Threaded lens cover allows addition of diffusers or filters
  • Dimming Control: Compatible with most TRIAC systems, dimmable to 10%
PLEASE NOTE: This lamp is available in different CCT for custom / commercial orders only.  Please contact our customer service team at 877-999-5742 to inquire.

    These products practice one or more claims of the following U.S. patents: 7,098,483; 7,095,053.

    SERIES A+™ | PAR30 GIMBAL - Specification Sheet

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