Cleanse® Air-Sanitizing LED Troffer


Keeping people healthy and well is not only the right thing to do, it has resounding benefits to productivity and ultimately the bottom line. The spread of illness is a health crisis that is acutely felt in healthcare, schools, gymnasiums, and a multitude of public spaces. The Cleanse® Troffer by Lighting Science, utilizes a combination of activated carbon and HEPA filtration along with UV (A+C) light to decrease contamination. The simple, easy-to-install design allows for Cleanse to be retrofitted into an existing lighting fixture in as little as 15 minutes without breaching the plenum, keeping facility disruptions and installation costs to a minimum. Maintenance is simplified with easy access to replace the filters and UV LEDS. UV LEDs have an 18 month expected life compared to 6 months with mercury-style bulbs and eliminate the risk and hassle of mercury exposure and disposal.
  • Pathogen Buster: Achieves 99.9% kill rate among many common airborne pathogens responsible for most hospital-acquired
    infections (HAI)
  • Ease of Install: Retrofit kit replaces standard 2’x4’ troffer with air-sanitizing LED light fixture
  • UV LED Technology: Inactivates pathogens resulting in reduced incidence of surface colonization
  • Multi-Stage Air Sanitization: Purification process includes: activated carbon, HEPA, UV LED (A+C)
  • Quick Clean: Ultra efficient air circulation system

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