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Keeping people healthy and well is not only the right thing to do, it has resounding benefits to productivity and ultimately the bottom line. The spread of illness is a health crisis that is acutely felt in healthcare, schools, gymnasiums, and a multitude of public spaces. The Cleanse® Troffer utilizes a combination of activated carbon and HEPA filtration along with UV (A+C) light to decrease contamination. The simple, easy-to-install design allows for Cleanse to be retrofitted into an existing lighting fixture in as little as 15 minutes without breaching the plenum, keeping facility disruptions and installation costs to a minimum. Maintenance is simplified with easy access to replace the filters and UV LEDS. UV LEDs have an 18 month expected life compared to 6 months with mercury-style bulbs and eliminate the risk and hassle of mercury exposure and disposal.
  • Pathogen Buster: Achieves 99.9% kill rate among many common airborne pathogens responsible for most hospital-acquired infections (HAI)
  • Ease of Install: Retrofit kit replaces standard 2’ x 4’ troffer with air-sanitizing LED light fixture
  • UV LED Technology: Inactivates pathogens resulting in reduced incidence of surface colonization
  • Multi-Stage Air Sanitization: Purification process includes: activated carbon, HEPA, UV LED (A+C)
  • Quick Clean: Ultra efficient air circulation system

This product practices one or more claims of the following U.S. patents: 8,506,118; 7,528,421; 7,824,065


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