Our Five Best Selling LEDs of 2016

Our Five Best Selling LEDs of 2016

by Kate Kaminski February 02, 2017

The results are in! With 2016 recently coming to a close, we crunched the numbers to see which of our industry-leading LEDs were our customers’ favorites last year.  We were excited to see two of our newest products, the Durabulb™ and the L-Bar™ make the list.  But we weren’t surprised to see that customers still love our industry-leading grow lights, our perennially best-selling Glimpse® LED downlight, or our biologically-optimized sleep bulb, the GoodNight™ light.  After all, who doesn’t want a better night’s sleep?  If our five best-selling LEDs aren’t already on your “must buy” list, here’s why they should be for 2017.


Our best-selling LED in 2016: the shatter-resistant Durabulb!


No-surprise, our number one best-selling LED in 2016 was the Durabulb™! Thanks to its tough, polycarbonate plastic shell, this shatter-resistant LED withstands life’s inevitable bumps and drops without breaking, while still providing high quality light. The Durabulb’s rugged design makes it perfect for rough and tumble household areas like garages, kids rooms and workshops. But it’s also great for rough service commercial areas like factory settings and indoor construction sites. But don’t take our word for it.


LED Grow Light

Coming in a close second: our VividGro LED Grow fixtures.

As the popularity of indoor farming continued to increase last year, so did sales of our industry-leading VividGro® V2 and V1 LED Grow fixtures. VividGro’s patented LED spectrum technology delivers bigger, healthier and more nutritional plants—faster.  VividGro uses 45 percent less energy than traditional fixtures, lowers HVAC operating expenses and qualifies for utility rebates.  Boasting a lifetime of 50,000 hours, VividGro reduces lighting maintenance costs too!  Even better, thanks to the reduction in overall operating costs, an investment in VividGro LED products typically pays for itself within 12 months. With results this good, it’s hard to figure out why anyone is still growing with high pressure sodium or metal halide fixtures.


Glimpse LED downlight

Our Glimpse LED downlight is a perennial customer favorite!

A lot of companies have attempted to replicate our patented Glimpse® technology, but none have been able to offer a product that matches ours for efficiency, cost and quality. Designed to help easily convert 6″ recessed cans to high performance LEDs, the Glimpse delivers beautiful, warm light.  Our best-selling Glimpse is also 80% more energy efficient and lasts up to 25 times longer than dated, incandescent downlights.  Anyone looking for a trustworthy, trouble-free downlight is sure to be delighted by the Glimpse.


LED Sleep Bulb

The GoodNight LED Sleep bulb helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!

Did you know the light bulb that’s been in your bedroom lamp since…well…forever might just be getting in the way of your body making melatonin – the hormone that helps you fall asleep? Many people spend $200 a year on sleeping pills, but there’s a better solution.  Our patented GoodNight™ LED Sleep bulb helps reduce your exposure to the stimulating blue light spectrum emitted by most common lighting.  This safe and all natural sleep aid works by supporting your body’s natural production of melatonin and by helping to regulate your circadian rhythm. So when you’re ready to sleep, your body is too. You’ll fall asleep faster—and stay asleep longer with GoodNight.


L-Bar LED Linear

The Lightweight and Powerful L-Bar™ LED Linear

Last but not least is one of our newest products, a high-performance linear lighting solution called the L-Bar™. Delivering up to 4,500 lumens, the L-Bar is so powerful that one linear luminaire can replace a standard 2’x4’ fluorescent troffer. The L-Bar costs 50 percent less than traditional LED and fluorescent solutions, while still providing an incredible 150 lumens per watt. The L-Bar is a snap to install and so light-weight (a mere 19 ounces) that it can be suspended or mounted directly to the ceiling, making it the perfect solution for difficult-to-light spaces. The problem-solving L-Bar is also wet-rated.  It’s the ideal luminaire for a broad range of commercial applications, including offices, medical facilities, schools and retail, and outdoor areas such as parking garages and stairwells.  If you’ve been looking for a reason to replace dated fluorescent lighting–this is it!

Kate Kaminski
Kate Kaminski


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